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Why Adopting NoSQL is Difficult for Beginners

With the increasing technological breakthroughs, traditional ways of storing data are being challenged. With the adoption of NoSQL by industry giants and the ever-increasing NoSQL database options, it is becoming a trend in considering NoSQL as alternatives to Relational Databases for mainstream software development. However, when it comes to Relational Databases, it has been there

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Is Microsoft about to start developing music making software?

Company is seeking staff who want to be part of “the future of music creation”. While Apple has GarageBand to bundle with OS X, there’s never been a definitive Microsoft DAW for Windows. A product called Groove Music Maker was teased last year - and there was the unforgettable Songsmith - but the company has

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Sony, Home Depot and Target spend millions on security, what about you?

2014 turned out to be the year of computer security. A day didn't go by without another major corporation in the news suffering a security embarrassment. What do Sony, Home Depot and Target have in common other than being hacked? They all spend millions of dollars on computer security every year, and they still got

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